What happens when your energy is low and your body is weak? I find it so difficult to differ what is illness and what is just too-much-going-on, you know, when you can push through it. It is a continuous struggle but I’m trying to get better at it.

Right now I’m weak.

I’ve had a total knock-out-cold for weeks.

It just keeps going on. The first cold was replaced by another cold. Then another. And then eventually asthma due to the cold. Seriously? Three weeks later I must admit that I’m totally out.

So I told them. I’m sorry

I’ve told my clients that I’m sorry, for once I can’t deliver my deadlines. I’ve told new clients no, can’t be at service. And I’ve even told my colleague that I’m sorry, I might not be able to be on stage for that big lecture on Monday. I’ve cleared the calendar and I feel so weak. And not as myself at all.

I’m a strong, driven, brave, professional businesswoman who has two companies. I’m not supposed to get sick. I’m not supposed to be unable to think a clear thought, to manage my projects, to not be able to deliver.

It scares me when I’m incapable of performing.

And each time I start my laptop and try to write copy for a client, the cold strikes again. It’s like a bad circle. But I have to face it. I can’t ignore the signals. I need a totalt shutdown. That’s the only solution. Turn off. Tune in. Surrender.

So yes. Dear body, my mind is listening. It’s time for rest and recharge. For how long time it might take.

I surrender.