Go from Doing to Being. Give yourself a moment to connect to you, your body and create some good vibes for the week coming up.

Small yoga class

This Friday is about you. And a few other yogis who all have joined to bring good vibes and create a safe space for you to loosen up those shoulders and tune in for a while. Let go of the week and enter the weekend in a good vibe.

Malin from Do It Yogi will lead the class, with a focus on setting the intention for the upcoming days. Malin’s yoga class is never the same, her intention is to create a class in which all good vibes-yogis find their peace. It will be a mix of meditation, mantras, yoga, breathing techniques or whatever is needed to bring ease to your bodies as well as your mind.

“Feels like coming home”

This exclusive Yoga class is held in the Living Room. To make sure that you really feel like home.

For more info, send Malin an email at malin@doityogi.com

Until we meet – keep the good vibe going.


When: Friday, September 27th
Time: 17.30 – 19.00
Price: Swish whatever you feel to swish.


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