Oh, how I loved reading about Sukha. A direct translation of the Sanskrit is Good Space. Su = Good and kha = space.

That resonates with me. Doing yoga is all about creating good space for me, no matter what circumstances are going on around me.

Creating a loving space for me, my body and my soul where we can align and be in balance. Where it is safe to feel joy, happiness and at the same time be vulnerable.

A friend of mine inspired me the other day to sit in meditation and simply say Thank you, repeatedly out load. So I did. After a few minutes, I started to notice that I began to smile. And I said I love you, bringing my hands to prayer position. After a minute I began to say: I love me. I love me. I love me. And some happy tears ran on my cheeks to meet my smile. And I kept on going. I love me. And I realized that I was experiencing Sukha. I was in a good space. My space.